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Whether you project is large or small, we have extensive experience in the supply and installation of your shade.


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Whatever your crop, we can supply the right system and cloth for your application.


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Commercial Greenhouse Shade Systems by Westland Greenhouse Solutions

Customized greenhouse construction and supply is our passion at Westland Greenhouse Solutions. We cater to greenhouse growers. They to us looking for innovative design solutions that promote growth and optimize efficiency at every turn.

When planning a commercial greenhouse project and shade system designs, success comes down to the details. Our commercial greenhouse shade systems are an important consideration for your existing greenhouse or new build.

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Commercial greenhouse shade systems and shade system designs

Shade Systems

Westland Greenhouse Solutions Inc. offers an industry-leading shade system that’s constantly improving. Both to increase energy savings and reduce costly maintenance.

Alweco Scherminstallaties Int B.V. supplies a high-quality shade system. With our installation strategies for shade systems, we will install a low-maintenance, on-time shade system for your greenhouse renovation or new-build project.

We also offer several shade cloths from various manufacturers available only to companies with a world-wide reach along with our second-to-none training to ensure that we can meet your crops’ specific needs.

Energy Curtains

Utilizing energy curtains in your greenhouse will help you reduce costs all year round. Bring down your winter heating bill, and use energy curtains in the summer to cut down on electricity costs of constantly running your fans.

Benefits of Energy Curtains:

  • Reduce winter heating costs by 50% or greater
  • A single screen solution that provides shade, cooling, and energy savings
  • Reduces humidity in the summer months
  • Provides a consistent growing environment without drastic temperature fluctuations

Commercial Greenhouse Shade Products

At Westland Greenhouse Solutions, we proudly offer up a variety of commercial greenhouse shade systems that are suitable for retrofits and new build projects alike. Our team can recommend greenhouse shade structures upon request that are ideal for retail garden centers, commercial greenhouses, and nurseries.

When you need to balance sunlight saturation for optimal growth standards, our greenhouse shade system designs have you covered. We offer a wide selection of materials to choose from across shade cloths and screens to ensure every commercial greenhouse shade system we supply will meet your growing needs.

The Importance of a Shade System in Your Commercial Greenhouse

Increasing crop productivity starts with a greenhouse shade system installation that focuses on precision at every turn. The shade products we carry at Westland Greenhouse Solutions are designed to optimize greenhouse climates to increase yields year-round.

Many of our customers find that applying a shade system to their greenhouse can lower production costs. It also increase their annual return on investment. As energy costs continue to rise, so does the value of investing in an effective shade system.

When you use shade systems, you can easily manage heat and light levels because they naturally control and prevent condensation and air leaks. Growers counting on the efficiency of shade systems will maximize their energy savings while enhancing a healthy environment for their plants.

The Many Advantages of Proper Shading in Commercial Greenhouses

If you integrate a quality shade system into a greenhouse, you’ll do more than just provide growers with control to improve their growing climate. An efficient design will effectively lower monthly energy costs and offer up customized options in shade, heat retention, and light screening.

At Westland Greenhouse Solutions, our shade systems are suitable for a variety of applications. Those who opt for our automated shade system designs will enjoy the added benefit of reducing labor requirements in a greenhouse.

Shade systems can decrease greenhouse watering needs and are designed to diffuse light more evenly. This type of distribution improves plant growth by allowing light to saturate plants more effectively overall. Shade systems also give growers the option to protect their crops from the elements all year around.

Let The Westland Greenhouse Solutions Team Help You Install the Perfect Commercial Greenhouse Shade Systems

Nobody does it better than the team at Westland Greenhouse Solutions when it comes to commercial greenhouse shade system installation. No matter your greenhouse project, our professionals are ready to install custom designs that meet your every need.

We employ a team of highly trained experts who understand every detail of greenhouse shade, design, and installation. Customers can count on our installation team to get the job done right. We’re just as willing to help you find the perfect shade system before installation ever begins. We take time to get to know our customers and their growing requirements. We do this before matching them with the shade systems aligned with their goals.

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality greenhouse products and installation is unsurpassed. It’s only rivaled by our dedication to offering our customers top-quality service at the most competitive market rates imaginable.

Partnering with Westland Greenhouse Solutions

When you’re looking for a commercial greenhouse shade system that lives up to its promise, partnering with the professionals at Westland Greenhouse Solutions is step one. Our quality products and service show customers that we value accuracy, attention to detail, and quality from start to finish.

We’re happy to install low-maintenance greenhouse shade system designs at competitive prices paired with excellence in customer service. Our one-on-one service consultations and timely project completion are ways we show our customers we care.

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