Oreon lighting by Westland Greenhouse Solutions

Lighting by Oreon

Oreon produces and develops highly efficient and sustainable LED grow lights, especially for greenhouse horticulture. The unique water-cooled concept ensures the LEDs and electronics are continuously cooled, regardless of the ambient temperature in the greenhouse. This ensures the lamp always performs optimally and the life of the components is extended.

Lighting by Oreon logo who makes LED grow lights

Oreon LED Grow Lights for Greenhouse Horticulture

Creating the perfect environment for growing plants of all shapes and sizes has never been easier. Not only do continual advancements in technology make this possible, but greenhouse solutions allow growers to yield crops year-round while maintaining strict control over the growing environment.

One more recent technology to hit the greenhouse horticulture scene is LED grow lights. These lighting systems not only imitate the functions of the sun but also provide efficiency and sustainability.