We offer the best Insect Exclusion system in the business.


The seal at the corners is important. Our system makes it easy.


Wall vents can be sealed from Insects with different netting.


We can protect your crop from insects through a rollup wall.


Blocking insects and still allowing air to flow is important. Call Westland for details.


Continuous Vents are possible with our system as well.


Call Westland Greenhouse Solutions for all your Insect Exclusion Requirements.


Insect Exclusion

Westland Greenhouse Solutions Inc. offers an industry-leading insect exclusion system that has been designed to be ahead of the curve in ensuring your crop is protected from insects.

Holland Gaas Netting Solutions  supplies a high-quality insect netting system for both Venlo and poly venting systems. This system is designed to be easy to install and effective in preventing insects from entering your greenhouse. This can save money in reducing damaged crops and your costs for insect bios and treatments.