Roof Plastic is an important part of your Greenhouse. Westland offers a high quality plastic.


Our Water Storage tanks are made to last a long time, and our replacement liners are easy to install.


Shipping Carts are heavy duty and long-lasting. High quality wheels roll easily on many surfaces.


We offer many different kinds of Exhaust fans to fit many different requirements.


Modine offers a heater specifically designed for greenhouses.


Westland can cover your roof with Plastic, Acrylic, Polycarbonate or Structural Insulated Panels.


Call Westland Greenhouse Solutions for all your Equipment and Supply Requirements.


Operating a commercial greenhouse requires business savvy, hard work and skill. However, even the most skilled horticulturists won’t be successful without the right tools. Thankfully, Westland Greenhouse Solutions provides all the commercial greenhouse supplies a grower needs to maximize crop production.

We offer a variety of greenhouse equipment to help you keep your space organized, efficient, and productive. Our commercial greenhouse supplies and equipment are used by thousands of growers across North America.

Shipping Carts

Commercial greenhouse carts are easy to use and can match the shelves and posts of many existing carts you have. The heavy-duty, hot-dipped galvanized expanded metal carts are available in many sizes and dimensions. The durable 77-inch posts are 2.5mm thick, ensuring long-lasting usability.

All of our greenhouse carts include 2-inch by 5-inch high-impact, low-maintenance caster, each with a capacity of 500 pounds. That means your shipping cart can handle any load you stack it up with and still move easily between rows of plants and other supplies.

To make our shipping carts even more functional, you can customize them with expandable metal shelves. These shelves come with two or three support bars that can hold additional weight and allow your staff to be more efficient.  Transporting goods will be a breeze with whatever design you create!

Shipping Cart Specifications:

  • Heavy Duty Hot-Dipped Galvanized.
  • Expanded Metal Cart – Many sizes available.
  • 2″ x 5″ High-Impact Low-Maintenance Casters – 500lbs capacity each!
  • Tow Package included.
  • Strong 77″ Posts at 2.5mm thickness.
  • Expanded Metal Shelves, with 2-3 support bars depending on size to hold additional weight, customizable depending on your requirements.

Air Circulation

As part of our project services, Westland Greenhouse Solutions supplies various air circulation solutions. We understand the importance of air flow in your greenhouse and can help you design a system that fits your commercial needs or simply provide you with the fans you know you already need.

You can choose from our exhaust fans and louvers, both of which can come with or without light traps. We also carry horizontal and vertical airflow fans and oscillating fans. Whatever setup you need to provide your foliage with the right amount of air circulation, we can create it!

Cladding Materials for walls and roof

Are you looking to cover your newly constructed greenhouse? Or maybe your existing greenhouse needs a facelift? Westland has the cladding materials you need for your greenhouse’s walls and roof.

This essential greenhouse equipment comes in many different materials. One popular option is our poly coverings, which include 6-mil, 7.2-mil, and 8-mil thickness in either white or clear. You can customize the material to the width and length you need it.

Our polycarbonate coverings come in double and triple wall options with a wide range of thicknesses if you’re looking for something more durable. You can also choose from clear, diffused, or white/black/white to match your greenhouse requirements.

When you want an energy-saving option, consider acrylic coverings. They offer unmatched light transmission combinations to ensure your plants receive the right amount of light without expending any additional energy.

Many commercial crop growers want a more permanent solution for cladding, which is where our glass coverings come into play. We can place this cladding on your greenhouse’s interior or exterior and fit it to walls as well as roofs. It provides high infrared and ultraviolet transmission if you need it, along with accessible radiation and multiple light diffusion options for whatever environment your plants need to thrive.

Finally, we offer steel insulated panels for your warehousing and blackout needs. This aesthetically pleasing cladding can take your greenhouse to the next level while creating the ideal environment for your business operations.


Westland also offers complete greenhouse heating systems. That’s why our heating solutions are designed with your business in mind.

We can provide you with an array of heating options, including unit heaters for smaller spaces, boiler systems for larger areas, and in-flooring heating for the optimal warehouse setup.


Let Westland make your greenhouse more efficient and environmentally friendly with our irrigation solutions! Our knowledge and experience with commercial greenhouses have allowed us to understand better ways to irrigate indoor crops, and we want to pass our expertise on to you.

We can help with everything related to water, from automated drip irrigation to water storage tanks. We can also provide greenhouse supplies to assist with hand watering and show you ways to make your staff more organized with watering. Having the right irrigation system will produce a higher yield in your crops and reduce waste, two outcomes every commercial producer strives to have!

Electrical and Controls

Westland can find ways to make your greenhouse come into the 21st century with everything from simple motor controls to fully functional systems you can manage from a smartphone or tablet.

We have the electrical knowledge to take any greenhouse design and make it more convenient for workers by utilizing wireless solutions for various aspects of a setup, from lighting to irrigation to maintenance and climate control.

Table and Benching Systems

Even if your greenhouse crops have ideal lighting, irrigation, and air circulation, they will still struggle to produce quality yields if they’re not placed correctly. Our table and benching systems give your plants the best spots to call home by prioritizing air and light penetration through various means.  Whether it’s durable metal mesh or dependable plastic-grade benchtops, Westland Greenhouse Solutions can offer you the benching systems your greenhouse requires.


Having control over the amount and intensity of light your crops receive is crucial to commercial greenhouse growing. That’s why Westland provides lighting by Oreon. These highly efficient and sustainable grow lights are ideal for commercial greenhouses. Their water-cooled designs and LED lights will regulate the lights’ intensity and temperature to ensure long-lasting, optimal performance.

You can set up Oreon lighting based on the needs of each of your crops to maximize yields by selecting from the Embrace, Monarch, and Empress designs. All lighting solutions are versatile and scalable.

In addition to the lights themselves, we also offer uni-strut to support your greenhouse lighting at the perfect distance from your crops. We can assist with any lighting questions or concerns you have and ensure your crops receive the right amount of light at the right intensity.

Greenhouse Supplies

On top of all the other greenhouse supplies and equipment listed above, we can also supply you with whatever other greenhouse materials you may require. Because we consult, design, and construct commercial greenhouses, we have everything a commercial grower needs, including steel, curtain systems and parts, hardware, roll-up material, motors, doors, vent systems, framing, brackets, and more.

And if we don’t stock the item you’re looking for, we can find somewhere that does so you can get exactly what you need! Our main priority is to get you the materials you need to make your greenhouse construction or renovation go as smoothly as possible, and you can’t do that without the right greenhouse supplies.

Count On Westland Greenhouse Solutions Inc.

Here at Westland, we offer consultation, design, and construction services for greenhouse projects of any size and always deliver results on time and on budget. So whether you’re looking to create and build a sizable commercial greenhouse system for your expanding business, or you just need a few essential greenhouse supplies to help your crops produce higher yields, Westland will be there to help. Get in touch with us today for more information!