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We can easily make spans as wide as required to make each area easy to use.


Our arches are specially designed to accommodate insulated panels as well – warm in the winter, cool in the summer.


Our Freestanding Greenhouses have straight sides for more useable space.


Our Freestanding Greenhouses can have a clear span or arch ties to hang irrigation or crops.


We can add acrylic to any roof with our specially designed glazing system.


Our plastic-covered greenhouse is easy to install.


Westland Greenhouse Solutions

Westland Greenhouse Solutions offers a wide variety of greenhouse structures that can be custom-tailored to suit your particular needs. We combine our extensive experience in supplying, maintaining, and installing commercial greenhouse projects with the latest technology and the highest quality materials to bring all of our customers the exact kind of commercial greenhouse operation they’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for a gutter connect, Dutch venlo or gothic-style greenhouse, freestanding greenhouse, cold tunnels, or a greenhouse service building, we’ve got you covered! 

Poly covered gutter connect commercial greenhouse

Poly Covered Gutter Connect Commercial Greenhouses

Westland Greenhouse Solutions Inc. manufactures our own greenhouse. This has been designed from Gerard VanZanten’s extensive experience in both tearing down and building greenhouses. Any frustrations builders have had in the past have been addressed to make sure your greenhouse is built on time and on budget.

We offer open work-space structures up to 48’ and beyond.

Acrylic Covered Gutter Connect Commercial Greenhouses

Westland Greenhouse Solutions Inc. manufactures our own greenhouse, which can be adapted to Acrylic glazing.

We can also adapt an existing greenhouse to an acrylic roof with our specially designed glazing system.

Acrylic can increase the light penetration compared to plastic, and increase insulation compared to glass. Acrylic is a premium glazing material that may be just the solution you need for the high quality of crop you are looking to grow in your greenhouse.

As with our poly covered structures, we offer open work-space structures up to 48’ and beyond.

Acrylic covered gutter connect commercial greenhouse
Commercial greenhouse service buildings

Commercial Greenhouse Service Buildings

Westland Greenhouse Solutions Inc. manufactures our own greenhouse, which can be covered with Steel Insulated Panels to create a cool, sealed environment for your processing and warehousing needs.

We offer open work-space structures up to 48’ and beyond to allow for free movement of people and equipment, with nothing structure in the way.

Steel insulated panels can also be used as an outside wall to complement your blackout and insulation needs to protect your crop.

Venlo Commercial Greenhouses

Westland Greenhouse Solutions Inc. offers the most popular type of glass greenhouse available worldwide, a dutch venlo-style greenhouse. Our partnerships around the world allow us access to world-class greenhouse roofs, and coupled with our manufacturing capabilities we can offer a greenhouse solution that will fit all of your structural requirements.

Venlo commercial greenhouses
Gothic-style freestanding commercial greenhouse

Gothic-Style Freestanding Commercial Greenhouses

Our Freestanding Greenhouses are manufactured to withstand any weather conditions you may encounter. Based on your location, we can design a structure to handle almost any wind or snow load. Our Structure is manufactured in Southern Ontario, Canada and is customizable, offered in many widths/lengths, with multiple options to suit your requirements.

In our structure, you will see straighter post on the sides, higher than most of our competitors, allowing you to use a higher percentage of the area of your greenhouse.

Cold Tunnels

Protecting your crop in the cold winter months is essential to your success, and Westland Greenhouse Solutions Inc. can help.

Our Cold Tunnels are manufactured in Southern Ontario, Canada, and are available in 18 ft and 20 ft widths, in any length you require.

This is a simple structure to allow you a cost-effective solution to safely protect your crop.

Cold tunnels greenhouses

Why Offer So Many Types of Commercial Greenhouses?

Every one of our customers has different needs, different preferences, and a different budget, and at Westland Greenhouse Solutions, we seek to satisfy all of them to the best of our abilities. Our wide array of products and accessories provide you with a range of sizes and styles to meet your every need.

Our Services

Westland Greenhouse Solutions draws upon more than two decades of experience to offer a wide variety of services that are designed to accommodate your particular project. Whether you’re looking to expand, upgrade, or retrofit or you’re looking to build something brand new, we can help you meet your needs quickly and effectively. We offer the following services for your greenhouse project:

New Builds

If you’re looking to start from scratch and custom-design your own brand new greenhouse build, we’ve got you covered. We will help with everything from conceptualization and the design process all the way to installation and maintenance. And we can do it all within a reasonable timeframe. 

Expansion Projects

When you need to increase your capacity, one of the simplest and most effective solutions is to simply expand on existing structures. Westland Greenhouse Solutions can provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to get a job like that done effectively and efficiently. We have a number of different systems and structure solutions that can work to not only provide more capacity but also to increase efficiency and make running your business easier.


If you have a commercial greenhouse that could simply use an upgrade, we can help you get that job done. We have a number of strategies and solutions for retrofitting existing structures with upgraded walls, roofs, shade and blackout systems, and more.

Things to Consider When Creating Your Greenhouse Design

If you’ve decided that you’d like to work with us to design a commercial greenhouse, there are a few things you should take into consideration first.

Your Product

In other words, what will you be growing? The needs of your specific crop(s) will determine the details of your greenhouse design. Ask yourself how you might create a space that is accommodating to those needs, and you will have begun building the foundation of your design.

Functionality Considerations

There are a number of things to consider in terms of the functionality of your greenhouse, including:

  • Positioning
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Drainage
  • Light
  • Insulation
  • Utilities
  • Zoning
  • Permits
  • And more

Taking all of these things into account will help simplify things when it comes time to move from conceptualizing your project to actually creating a design.

Overall Design Considerations

What do you want your commercial greenhouse to look like? You’re going to want to think about how to utilize every square inch of space, whether it’s to best accommodate guests or to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Some space-related concerns include the location of your entrances, the location of the check-out area for guests, the width of the aisles, the amount of space needed for the movement of products, and the (estimated) amount of foot traffic.

In terms of the exterior, you may want to consider how to provide your design with curb appeal that will draw customers in.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Westland Greenhouse Solutions for your commercial greenhouse project, you’re enlisting the services of highly experienced professionals with a commitment to superior client service and satisfaction.

We can help you create a greenhouse that scales your business through a quick and easy design and installation process with the use of an ample variety of quality products at competitive prices.

Commercial Greenhouse Experts That You Can Trust

If you’re a business owner or greenhouse operations manager looking to increase production and scale your company, the professionals at Westland Greenhouse Solutions can help you out. We’re your one-stop shop for designing and building custom commercial greenhouse projects. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing structure or you want to start from scratch with a brand new greenhouse design, we can work with you every step of the way.

We design and manufacture commercial greenhouses for all kinds of businesses, whether you run a horticulture or vegetable farm, a nursery, or a retail garden center, we have the expertise to create the exact type of structure you’re looking for. Our designers will take your growing requirements and combine them with our state-of-the-art systems and design a greenhouse structure that will provide you with the ideal environment for your crops. 

Greenhouse Designs That Maximize Both Productivity and Profits

At Westland Greenhouse Solutions we are committed to delivering only the highest quality commercial greenhouses at the most competitive rates. We don’t just design our greenhouses to increase plant growth and production efficiency, we design them to keep operational costs at a minimum, which will help you maximize profits.

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If you’re in need of a full-service solution for your next commercial greenhouse project, contact Westland Greenhouse Solutions, and we’ll help you create the perfect greenhouse to meet your goals! We offer free quotes for all of our customers.

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