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5 Important Advantages of Energy Curtains in Your Commercial Greenhouse Operation

Greenhouse energy curtains are an important consideration in any commercial greenhouse operation, due to the ability to reduce energy costs year-round. Depending on the climate, you may be able to cut down your winter heating up to 50% or even greater. Energy curtains can also be used in the summer months to cut down on electricity costs of constantly running your fans, and creating a more consistent greenhouse climate both day and night.

  1. Keeping humidity under control in your commercial greenhouse structure

Energy curtains, with the help of roof vents, can keep humidity balanced by both letting cool air in and simultaneously providing a barrier to prevent the crops from becoming exposed to too much cold air. If humidity levels are rising to an unacceptable level, you can open up the curtains slightly to reduce the humidity in your greenhouse.

  1. Energy curtains can function as shade in the summer months

A huge advantage of energy curtains is the ability to use them all year round. Depending on your crop’s light needs, you can use the curtains to adjust the light levels and temperature. The ability to provide shade with your greenhouse curtain system allows you to customize and maintain the ideal growing environment.

  1. Keeping your greenhouse crops healthy by providing a consistent growing environment without temperature fluctuations

Creating a stable greenhouse heating system’s efficiency and possibly increase maintenance costs. Temperature fluctuations also decrease plant health and can cause undue stress to your crops. To solve this, energy curtains can be programmed to open and close at the correct intervals in conjunction with environmental controls that measure indoor and outdoor temperature. This will greatly reduce any rapid temperature changes and keep the growing environment in your greenhouse structure consistent. 

  1. Government incentives and rebates on installing energy curtains in your commercial greenhouse

In North America and abroad, many government programs offer incentives for energy saving retrofits. These can apply on the municipal, state/province, or federal level. Learn what tax incentives and rebates apply to your region for upgrades that increase energy efficiency. Some of these programs can apply to the purchase and installation of greenhouse energy curtains; be sure to know what opportunities are out there.

  1. Rising energy costs are an inevitability

We all know that energy costs aren’t likely to drop, and in the current economic climate are likely to keep increasing. Now may be a more important time than ever to get your energy overhead under control. The investment in an energy curtain system may result in a quick payback depending on your energy costs. Energy curtains are not the only way to reduce your overhead costs – also consider blackout, shade systems, and greenhouse structure options.

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